Reasons To Have A Small Raft For Your Whitewater Adventure

A whitewater rafting adventure can be a fun and memorable way to spend some time outdoors with a group of friends. When you get a few friends together and book this outing, you'll have the ability to choose what size of raft you use. Rafting companies have rafts in many different sizes, and while large rafts are popular for whitewater outings, you may have the ability to choose a smaller raft. Provided that the rafting company deems a smaller raft to be safe for your particular outing, here are some benefits of choosing a raft that is on the smaller side. 

More Thrills

If you and your friends are keen on having an outing that produces lots of thrills, a smaller raft can be a good option. Rafts that are larger offer more stability and weight—particularly when they're filled with a large group of people. The result can be a smoother ride down the river. This may be ideal for a lot of people, but if you and your friends are excited about getting jostled around, a small, light raft can be the right choice for your outing.

Easier Portages

Some whitewater rafting outings involve one or more portages, depending on the layout of the river. For example, if there are parts of the river that aren't ideal for navigating with a raft, your tour guide might steer the raft toward a riverbank and have everyone climb out. Instead of stopping the adventure, you'll all work together to carry the raft a set distance until you can put it into the water again. Having to complete a portage on your rafting trip is easier with a smaller raft than a larger one. The raft will be lighter and its smaller size will make it easier to carry through overgrown areas.

More Satisfaction

You may experience a deeper sense of satisfaction when you're paddling a small raft instead of a large one. In a large raft, there are so many people who are paddling that you may feel that your paddle strokes are fairly inconsequential to the raft's progress. If you're the type of person who wants to feel as though you're making a big impact in whatever activity you pursue, a smaller raft can be optimal. With just a few paddlers on board, you'll know that each of your paddle strokes will make a difference in propelling the raft in your tour guide's desired manner.

Contact a local whitewater rafting service to learn more. 

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