Tips For Giving Your 10-Year-Old A Spectacular Basketball Birthday Party

If your child loves basketball and it is their birthday, you can them give a party they will never forget. Because they are 10, you have many options to choose from. Below are some tips to help you get started in your planning stages.

Fan Package

If you have it in your budget, purchase a fan package for their favorite basketball team for your child and their friends. There are different types of packages at different prices. For example, one package may allow your child to walk onto the court and throw a free throw.

A more expensive package may allow your child to have a tour of the arena, including the locker room. An even more expensive package may allow your child to play with the players on the team in a fun game for a few minutes, as well as sit down and talk with them. They will likely give the kids a small gift before they leave, such as a t-shirt.

One of the most important things about these packages is they include tickets for much better seats during a live game. The tickets may even let your child and their friends sit on the front row.

Contact the basketball arena near you to learn more about packages they offer. For more info about fan packages, contact a company like Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Basketball Party

If you do not have it in your budget to purchase a fan package for your child, you could have a basketball themed party for them instead. Consider the cake you plan to purchase. You can take an image of your child's favorite basketball player and ask the bakery to put the image on the cake. They could even make cake pops that are designed like basketballs for the children. Eating cake on a stick is fun for them and less mess for you. The bakers could also make a cake in the shape of a basketball.

Have streamers around the room with their favorite team's logo on them. You can find streamers like this online. Purchase a cardboard life-sized basketball player and stand it up somewhere in the room. You can likely find one of these online also.

Purchase small basketballs with stand-up basketball hoops around the room for the children to practice their free throws. Make sure the basketballs are lightweight so they do not damage anything.

Your basketball fan will enjoy either of these options for their birthday party and it will be fun for them, as well as all their friends.

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