Questions Every First Time Skydiver Should Know The Answer To

Do you want to go skydiving for the very first time, but you do not know much about it? You'll definitely have some of the following questions before you go on your first jump. 

What Do You Wear When You Go Skydiving? 

It's important that you are dressed for the part when you go skydiving. You should definitely avoid wearing any baggy clothes since you want your clothing to be tight to your body and reduce any potential drag. When it comes to your shoes, you should be wearing sneakers that are tied tight so that they stay on for the entire dive.

How Do You Train For Your First Time Skydiving? 

All of the training you will need for your first jump will be provided by the company that you are working with. They will go over everything on the ground that you need to know, such as how you jump out of the plane, the hand signals you are supposed to use to communicate with others, as well as the emergency procedures that you need to follow.

Can You Jump Alone Your First Time?

You can expect your first jump to be with an instructor since you will likely do a tandem jump. This means that you are physically strapped to the instructor for the entire dive. The instructor will be there to make sure that everything goes smoothly your first time, and act as your safety net in case something were to go wrong. 

One thing to keep in mind with a tandem jump is that your instructor is the one that handles steering the parachute and landing. This means that you do not need to be an expert at doing this difficult task when you go on your first jump.

Are You Allowed To Record Your Jump? 

If you want to take some photos or videos during your first jump, it is best to check with your instructor about what is and is not allowed. There are often photographers that will go along with the jump and take pictures and video for you, which can then be purchased afterward. If you were to take your own camera it would need to be one that is strapped to your body or helmet so that you do not lose it.

Do you still have more questions before your first time skydiving? Reach out to a local skydiving company to learn more. 

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