What To Get If You Live In NYC And Plan On Hitting The Catskills Scenic Trail And Doing Some Cross Country Skiing

If you live in New York City, and you plan on heading up to The Catskills to go cross country skiing during the winter, you should get some things before your trip. While you might be able to drive up and find a ski rental shop, it's really much easier if you have all of your own equipment. The Catskill Scenic Trail is not a big ski resort, it's more of a long path that bikers, hikers and, in the winter, skiers enjoy. Because of this, you won't find the same abundance of ski shops like you will around huge ski mountains like the nearby Hunter Mountain. So it's a good idea to have everything you need before you head up.

Lightweight  Down Vest

You are going to be out on the trail for a long time. Unlike a downhill ski resort where there are coffee shops, cafes, and other areas to relax and get warm, when you are out on the trail there is no where to relax and escape the cold. So,  you need to have really warm clothing. A lightweight down vest (or poly filled if you are vegan) is an absolute necessity. You don't want a big bulky winter coat while skiing all day, so find one that has a lightweight build, but enough insulation to keep you warm during the day.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an essential. They are not only necessary for keeping your eyes from drying out in the cold weather, but they are also important because the sun will bounce off of the snow and be blinding. So, protect your eyes and get some good, tinted, ski goggles

Cross Country Skis and Poles

As it was mentioned earlier, the Catskill Scenic Trail is not a typical ski resort. There are not ski rental shops right next to the trail, so you won't be able to drive up, rent skis, and get going. The best solution is to have your own cross country skis and bring them with you. This will let you hit the trails no matter what schedule you have. You don't have to rely on a not to close ski rental shop being open and having skis that you can rent. You can just bring your own.

Rooftop Rack For Your Skis

Once you have purchased your cross country skis, you will need some way to get them up to the trail. Instead of trying to fit them into your car, which will be really awkward and might end up with skis sticking out the window, just get a rooftop rack. These are easy to have installed on your cat, and they will prevent a dangerous driving situation that carrying skis inside your car will create.

Talk to a ski rental equipment shop for more help.

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