Two Thrill Seeking Activities To Try When The Snow Thaws

If you're getting a bit restless during the recent cold streak, and you're either bored of skiing, or simply not a big fan of skiing, then you might be thinking up of what adventures you might have once Spring comes rolling around. So, one cool thing you could do is plan ahead for some really awesome springtime extreme sports that will get your blood pumping and really excite you out of the winter blues. And the great thing about starting to think about springtime extreme events now is that you will get a chance to spend the time planning out the events. Extreme sports often take a lot of time to plan, so you will actually be thankful that you have this time to prep. Here are some cool, thrill seeking adventures that you might like to try.


Surely one of the most thrill seeking activities that you can do is jump out of a plane. It's one of the absolute most thrilling activities that you can imagine. But it does take some planning. You don't just head out one afternoon and go jump out of a plane. You need to book your skydiving adventure. There are a lot of special preparation that goes into skydiving. You will need to book a time and meet with the instructors who will give you lessons on how to pack a chute, how to open the chute (though the chutes for beginners will not have to be manually opened), safety procedures, and the correct method for jumping out of an airplane. They will also cover items such as tandem jumps. This might be something that you might like to do if it's your first jump. The time will also give you ample opportunity to decide what sort of location you want your jump to take place in. Remember, you will be up in the air, so you will get a really beautiful view, so you should look if you want to look at water, or a cityscape, or a pastoral locale, now is the time to map out your skydiving adventure.

Rock Climbing

If you prefer to stay on the ground, you might want to consider rock climbing. You will get a chance to get a great workout as well as have fun. If it's your first time rock climbing, you will want to pick a rock climbing site that has all of the equipment for a beginner. This means anchors that you can hook into. Only advanced climbers should attempt to free climb, and it's difficult to hammer in your own anchors or set cams into crevices (a very dangerous practice for non-expert climbers). So, take this time to locate a climbing location that has a good rating for novices, as well as local guides who can help you learn the ropes. 

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