5 Ziplining Tips For Beginners

Are you going ziplining for the very first time? If so, you'll likely want to know these tips that will help ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Read The Safety Requirements Before You Go

You should start by making sure that you read all of the safety requirements on the company's website before you head out. You may be surprised to learn that a child you are going with is not tall enough or heavy enough to go on the zipline course, or that an adult is too heavy. This can cause you to rethink your ziplining adventure

Secure Long Hair

Anyone with long hair is going to have to tie it back so that it is not in the way while ziplining. Weaning a hat is not good enough, since a hat can unexpectedly fly off while ziplining. Thankfully, those with short hair have nothing to worry about. 

Wear The Right Shoes

Make sure that you wear tennis shoes that can be securely tied to your feet. Many zipline companies do not want you wearing loose shoes that can fall off during a run, which may cause your shoes to be lost depending on what the zipline travels over. 

Use The Anchor Points

Being clipped in is not only important for riding the zipline, but for other times as well. There will be various spots where you can clip-in while navigating the zipline course. This includes treetops where you are waiting around for your turn, or bridges that you need to walk across. If there is an opportunity to clip-in, you should always take it for your safety. 

Know The Braking Technique

There are a couple of ways to brake while on the zipline, which depends on how the zipline was designed. Some courses have blocks that the zipline runs into, which slows down the speed of the zipline when you hit it. Another course may require you to move the metal handle from side-to-side to create friction. You could also be required to use gloved hands on the line itself to slow yourself down. 

No matter what the technique is, make sure to practice it at the short runs located at the beginning of the course. These are meant to be a safe way to get familiar with braking so that you are more comfortable doing it on the first full run. Find out more by reaching out to ziplining service.

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